ClickGames's Staff Application

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ClickGames's Staff Application

Post by oClickMeh » March 24th, 2015, 5:56 pm

Age and In-Game Name: My name is Jeremiah and my in-game name is ClickGames.

Why I Would Like To Become A Mod: I would like to become a mod for many reasons. The first reason why I would like to join Clownercraft as a mod is because I would like to achieve one of my highest goals, becoming a moderator (or staff member) in a server with this plugin. I enjoy this server (as much as I enjoy TheClowner) and I want to be part of it's great success. I love (EXTREMELY LOVE) this Minecraft server and would enjoy being a mod. I know that being a moderator full time is a hassle, but I am very responsible and I can manage time to play on this server. Being a Clownercraft would change Clownercraft forever (in a good way).

Why I Would Be A Great Mod: I would be a great mod because I have very much experience in being staff. Also, I master/memorized how to do everything a mod in Clownercraft could do such as Grief Tickets, VIP Suffix tickets, and Rankup Tickets. I also enjoy helping at my fullest ability and that will impact the server (as I said, in a great way).

What I can Bring To Clownercraft and How to Improve Clownercraft: I can bring a place where no player is confused and that they have all my knowledge about this server.

Experience in Being a Moderator: I have been a moderator in three servers and admin in four. The owners of those servers forgot to pay their fee, so the servers closed down.

Languages: I speak English and Spanish fluently.

How Long Have You Played On Clownercraft: I have played on Clownercraft for over two months all ready.

How Much Time Can You Spend Moderating: I can moderate for two hours each school day and 10 hours each weekend.

Thanks for reading!


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