Lckob's New Mod app

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Lckob's New Mod app

Post by PandaQueenLckob » February 20th, 2015, 12:35 pm

-Hello my name is LIndsey but you all know me as lckob.
-I would like to be mod because i have been an H-mod(Half Mod like Trainee) previously for about six months before the server went down and i would like to learn the thngs that no one taught me. I also LOVE helping people. I think i could bring positivity to the server.
-I think i would be a good mod because i can handle being called abusive or unfair because of my previous experiences.People have called me Abusive and even one of my good friend's called me a Nazi. At one point the only people that had my back were the other staff. But i know that i can handle it and i think i would make a good mod.
-I think i could bring to the server some of my many ideas. I think about a lot of fun things that may help the server and tons of things pop into my head.
-My experience is being an H-Mod
-Im a teen and i live in the EST Zone
-MY first language is English and i know a few words in German but i definitely dont speak it fluently.
-Ive played on Clowner about a year but i think i might have played it previously before that but im not sure.
-I normally get on clowner as soon as i get home from school and im normally on until i eat then after.I could spent most if not all of that time moderating.



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