CakeyCats Mod Application

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CakeyCats Mod Application

Post by CakeyCat » February 10th, 2015, 6:42 am

My name is CakeyCat in game but most people call me Cakey.
I want to be a mod because I like to help new players with building spots and ranks. I also dislike it when people are griefed and raided, because it seems unfair.
I would be a good mod because I am always polite to people, but can be firm when needed. I am not afraid to stop bad behavior. I do it on my own server. I was bullied on this server once, and the mods were a really big help! I would love to be able to help that way.
As ClownerCraft is a family friendly server, I think I would be able to help some of the much younger players because of my age. Maybe some of the older mods could call on me to help those young players because I have lots of patience and am a very good teacher. I have taught some other kids (older than me) to play minecraft on other servers.
I have my own Realm and used to have a server, so have moderated before. The mod tools and plug ins are new to me, but I am a very fast learner.
I am 8 years old, but don't let that fool you. I attend gifted school in RL and I learn very fast. I am almost 9, and many of my friends on the servers are 9- 14 years of age, and I relate to them well. I live in New Zealand, so my time zone is UTC +12. I only speak english.
I have been on clownercraft since November 2014 and was given VIP for Christmas :D
I am on the server from 3.30pm until about 7.30pm (my time) daily. That's 6.30pm - 10.30pm Pacific time.
I know I'm really young to be applying, but I really do believe I'd do a good job on the server. I love this place and would be very proud to be a member of staff here :)


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