devjoll's mod application

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devjoll's mod application

Post by TheRealDevjoll » February 10th, 2015, 1:04 am

(Re-submitting under new username)
Name: Jackson
IGNs: devjoll, Fatcakes88
I'd like to be a mod because I thoroughly enjoy this server and it's community.
I'd be good because I'm unbiased and have a general idea of what it takes to rankup on this server.
I feel like I could bring a lot of good ideas and concepts to ClCraft, as well as unbiased opinions on conflicts. I've been here long enough to understand the rules here and I feel like that will really help.
Experience: Admin for 2 months
First language: English, none other spoken
Been here about one year
Age: 17
Time Zone: Central US
Most of my freetime is spent here, I'd say 80%-90% could be for moderating.

On a side note, I've been playing on this server for some time now. I really enjoy being a player, but I really want to take the next step... the 46 and 2 if you will. I thoroughly enjoy this server, as well as the staff and general community. I really, REALLY want this position, but if you don't think I'm qualified because of my past, I totally understand. Also, I figured it wouldn't hurt to say I've use core protect a little bit before.
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