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Mod Application

Post by KaitieSmilee » November 25th, 2014, 11:20 pm

- My name Is Kaitland but I go by Kaitie and my in game name is KaitieSmile and Jsmd1999 (Jsmd is no longer in use).

- I have an interest in becoming a mod because I would enjoy to further benefit the community and assist others and serve as a helpful source.

- I feel like I could be a good staff member to your server because I have had experience in the past and have been taught how to use the commands and plug-ins that were listed. I also consider myself as being patient with people and or projects. If there is something to do I will jump at it because I enjoy to do work and serve as a helpful source to other people if they are in need/want it. I am self reliant, if there is something to do I will do it on my own without being forewarned or told to.

- Past mod experiences I have had experience on building servers and plain survival servers which I have quit due to abusive staff members higher than me in rank.

- I am 13 years old (14 in February) and my time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time).

- I have played on Clowner Craft since mid summer of 2014, probably early July.

- I can spend probably 6-7 hours on average a day because I have to go to school, all of that time could be put towards moderating if I need to help others.


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