Mod Application for FlyingGuineaPig

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Mod Application for FlyingGuineaPig

Post by FlyingGuineaPig » November 18th, 2014, 12:34 am

-Ricky Vazquez (FlyingGuineaPig)
-I would like to be a mod because I've been playing on this server for a while and i know a lot of rules and it would be nice to to finally be the one enforcing them
-I would be a good mod because i know many of the rules and i know how to work some plugins
-I have experience being a mod, because i use to own a server before i played on ClownerCraft
-I am curently 15 years old and i live in the Mountain time zone
-My first langage is English and i am also fluint in spanish
-I have been playing on ClownerCraft for about a year or more
-I spend a lot of time on the server and i would like to spend more time on it as a mod, if i was to say how much time i would spend being a mod i would say about 4hrs each day
I would like to thank you for looking at my application, thank your for your time.


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