Leon Hogan's Mod Application

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Leon Hogan's Mod Application

Post by leonhogan0203 » November 8th, 2014, 7:47 pm

-My name is Leon Hogan, my in-game name is leonhogan0203, I am currently 14 years of age and my time zone is GMT standard, My first language is English however I do speak Irish [very poorly]

-I have played on ClownerCraft since approximately March-April of 2013, however that summer, my internet company constantly turned our internet on and off for 2-3 months so I couldn't get on much.

-Recently several small issues have prevented me from playing as often as I'd like on the server but I hope to have them resolved very soon and go back to spending a couple of hours a day on the server, I would like to leave a small portion of this time for my own use as otherwise I feel I'd end up finding modding more as a compulsory job than a voluntary privilege. However if now and then all that time was needed to be dedicated to modding, I would be fine with it in that sense.

-I would like to be a mod because, for a small part of it, I think it would be a valuable skill to have which could be used in various paths of life but mainly because I enjoy helping others, teaching to be precise, science teaching is a job I hope to achieve as a career.

-Experience wise, I have never been a mod on a public server but I have been oped on several Bukkit severs, each with various plug-ins installed and so I do know a deal of essentials commands and others but I do not have any experience with ranks and such. Also, I know it might sound strange but my uncle owns a pub in which I have worked plenty of times and this could be a valuable skill for modding in the sense of dealing with various customers, some perhaps not the nicest a trait they could share with some "bad-attitude" players.

-Why I would be a good mod? Honestly I don't really know. I would like to think I'd make a good applicant but this is a practically new field to me, I know from a spectators perspective that there are so many things that could go wrong but I feel I am up to give the job the best attempt I can give and I am very grateful to those reading this just for being considered.

Thank you.
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