Trainee-Moderator application

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Trainee-Moderator application

Post by sugarjohn8 » September 7th, 2014, 9:50 pm


My name is Danielle Flores i'm currently sugarjohn8 on your sever. I am 16 years old born July 28,1998.
My Reasoning for wanting to be a moderator is that i feel i can bring more responsibility and more greatness to your server along with more players as well as more experience.

My reason for being a good moderator is well as you may know i'm quite social I'm great with others I'm positvie and nice yet when needed i can be strict and scary.
I've honestly never been as low as a moderator rank before i have experience with admin,Head-admin, Co-owner and owner!
I own too servers myself Sugar Craft and Turtle Craft. I know and understand the rules your server has as well as i know the responsibilities of having to deal with as a moderator and all above ranks. I can speak German my family speaks Spanish but i currently don't :)
I've been off and on this server for about two to three weeks. I have access to being on the computer for about 4 hours daily except on Tuesdays because I work late. Other than that I can be online when needed except past 1.00pm on weekdays
Thank you for your time:)


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