ConvertPyro's Mod App!

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ConvertPyro's Mod App!

Post by splift2300 » August 27th, 2014, 12:50 am

Hello, I Am ConvertPyro Ingame And My Name Irl Is Kobe Cozad,
I Am Here to apply for Mod App, I Wish to be A Mod Because I Love This Server and love playing on it, i love helping the people on it, and i would love to help more people on it! I Do Belive I'll Be A good Mod Because helping people and im pretty good with The CoreProtect Plugin, And also i know alot of plugins and how to use them well, I Would Not Abuse As for i do not enjoy ruining the gameplay of the survival aspect.
I Have Had Experiance Being A Mod, Funny Story To Be Honest, They Premoted Me On Mistake On A Server To Traniee Mod, And Well, They Liked How I Was, And Kept me, I was mod on that server for 4-5 months before i quit to return to devoting more time to clownercraft, as for i quit the server for a bit, and returned.
I Am 14 years of age, Recently Turning 14 on the 18th, And My Time Zone Is EST (Thank You SaviorSoul). I Ofcorse Speak English, And Can Use Google Translate When Needed, And Know A Bit of Spanish (Tiny Bit). I Have Been Playing Clownercraft For ~1 Year In General With My First of 3 Accounts, And On This Recent Account only ~1 Week. I Spend 3-7 Hours On Clownercraft Everyday ( #NoLife ) And Could Use Most And All Of It If needed For Moderating, Of corse If I Must I Will Drop Everything nd Get On To Do Some Work, I Will Aways Make Sure If No Other staff is On, I Am! Thank You For Considering My Application, Have A Nice Day!

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