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Mod Application

Post by SnoppyDoo » August 23rd, 2014, 7:30 am

Hi my name is Jemma or ING is SnoppyDoo
I want to be a mod so that I can help people with problems of any kind from teamspeak to where to get money.I also don't want people to experience horrible feeling being griefed for someone taking for stuff it is never nice to come back and see all your hard work has destroyed.
I think I would be a good mod as I am fair but not a push over,I know all the server rules and now what is considered to be a ban able offence,I am not the kind of person that would abuse my power for anything. I'm very friendly.
I have no experience but will learn fast I'm already teaching myself how to use the commands.
I'm 14 but fairly mature for my age and live in UTC +2 so I'm on when most mods are not.
My first language is English and I can't speak any other languages fluently.
I have been playing on the server since September of 2013.
I spend about 8 hours + on the server a week but mostly on the weekends as I'm not allowed to play during the week with school but during my breaks I can.
I hope you will consider me for the potion.

-SnoppyDoo :)


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