Trainee-Mod Application

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Trainee-Mod Application

Post by KaceyBabyyy » August 19th, 2014, 10:15 pm

My name is Casey (Usually spelled 'Kacey') and my ign is KaceyBabyy
I want to be a mod because I think it's great to be able to help new players (or old ones) with things they need. Even if it's just giving them information on things they don't know about, it feels good knowing that you're helping someone else.
I believe I would be a good mod because I already help people alot with a lot of things. (ie. if someone needs something, I'll usually give them everything they need for free, if someone asks a question I answer it as best I can [assuming I know the answer], I give advice on anything anyone asks, etc.) I do admit I've had a few problems in the past with using a bit of bad language in the past but I have changed (for the most part~). if I do swear it's rarely on the server in front of everyone.
-I'd also like to note that alot of the times I am on, few to none of the staff is on due to the time of day so I would be able to help during those hours that everyone is asleep/gone.
I have been a moderator before on a server a looong time ago so I do know how to do some world editing, banning, kicking. I'm sure there are a variety of things I don't know but I'm sure I can look them online if need be or if one of the mods/admins is kind enough they'll lend me a hand.
I am 19 and my timezone is CST
My first language is English and I can still speak a BIT of Spanish (Google Translate is always an option!)
I have a new computer so I'm not sure exactly how long I've played but probably about 9 months or so.
I spend a large amount of my time on the server everyday since I'm waiting to start school again (I'll still have lots of time even with school). I could use any and all of the time that I play doing mod duties if needed or asked.
Thanks for reading and considering me as a new trainee-mod (:


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