aae1210 Moderator application

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aae1210 Moderator application

Post by aae1210 » July 11th, 2014, 12:06 am

My name is Andrew my ingame name is aae1210.
I want to be a mod because i want to help people that love this server as much as me.
I would be a good mod because I have a level head and I know how to handle situations.
I have a little bit of moderating a friends server that he has.
I am 16 years of age my time zone is central.
My first and only language is English.
I have played Clownercraft for about a year i believe.
I spend about 5 hours on clownercraft at least i can use all of it moderating.
I would like to mention that even though I am only 16 and about to be a junior in high school I am in a one in a select few that are able to get an associates degree by the time i graduate high school i have already taken college classes and got a 4.0.


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