snowcoat Trainee Mod Application

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snowcoat Trainee Mod Application

Post by snowcoat » July 9th, 2014, 11:16 pm

My name's Kat, my name in game is snowcoat. :D I've been on the server for a year now I believe and have seen "Normal Players" become mods & admins and they seem so happy and I would like to feel that same pleasure that someone actually trusts you with something like that. I feel I would be a good mod because I am constantly trying to help people and make their time on ClownerCraft enjoyable. I have never scammed people, and have never been banned (Clowner says lol :D)

As I have said before, I have no experience in being a mod, but do have TeamSpeak and could ask on that or I could Google or YouTube what command I need. :P I have been on the server a lot in the past, and hope to start coming on more frequently. I am a terrible builder and often lose heart for my current build, so I would probably put a lot of my online time into moderating and moderating activities. Soemthing I feel I have to mention is the frequent amount of times I get kicked for caps. :oops: I don't purposefully do this, I just accidently hit the button and don't check the message before I post it. Sorrry!

I only speak English fluently, but can use Google translate in extreme emergencies, lol! My timezone is GMT and I am Irish! :D

I might not be on as much, as my mum is making me study a ton! :roll: But when I am online, I promise to make up for the time as I'm not.

Thank you if you consider me :P


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