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Trainee-Mod App

Post by kktakacs » July 2nd, 2014, 8:12 pm

Hi my name is Kayla Takacs, I am 12 and I live in Ohio( Eastern Time Zone)

I would like to be Mod because I love helping anyone that needs help with stuff like mining, finding a place to build or even just exploring. I love to spend my day building and talking with the other players on ClownerCraft. I would love to protect the server from griefers and hackers. I have been banned before for X-ray but I have never did it since. I know the staff has been watching my every move and they know that I don't use it anymore. For my dumb decision for hacks I wanna stop people like I was when I was new to minecraft.

I would be a good Mod because I love to build and help people with opinions about what to build, and features they should add. I love the ClownerCraft team and hope to be part of it one day. I'm not sure how to work the plug-in's but I am open to learn how to use them anytime. I also think the server needs more younger staff to share their ideas.

I have had some experiance I was a server builder before then the owner moved me to mod rank but it wasn't really "mod" all you got to do was fly. I want to be a real mod to actually do something useful other than to fly.

I've played on ClownerCraft for a long time about 8 months or more.

I can be on the server anytime if needed. I can download teamspeak if thats needed for talking to other staff.

I really hope that I can help the server with any problems it has and be on the ClownerCraft team because I have many ideas to share with the staff and the other players. :D


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