crazymonkey351's trainee-mod application

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crazymonkey351's trainee-mod application

Post by majesticmuffin » July 2nd, 2014, 6:58 pm

Hello clownercraft staff,
My name is Karson and my ign is crazymonkey351. The reason I want to be mod is because clowner craft is by far my favorite server ever. Everytime someone new joins they are greeted by a warm welcome I still remember when I first joined. the reason I mentioned that was because these kinds of servers are rare and we still want them to stay alive. With that said if theres abunch of people coming on and the mods can't handle all them then why not add some more so the reason I want to be mod is because I know how to reason with people and calm them down to the state that they will keep this server alive. the reason I think I would be a great mod is because I pretty much know everyone on the server so I think most people will trust me if I become a mod and help them if there griefed or theres just someone being rude. I do have some expierience being a mod I am a admin on one server and I know almost all commands to fix things like ban, kick, temp ban, vanish, protect an area, and rollback. My age is 12 years old but I am quite mature for my age most people my age at my school are always doing bad things and getting into trouble and my time zone is pacific standard time I live in california USA. My first language is english but I am going into 7th grade so I will learn spanish. I have played on clownercraft for over a year (or around that time.) I play on the server almost everyday but I am in summer vaction so I may not be on because im probably somewhere away from my computer but I will try to bring it everywhere I go. I am currently modern so I know how to build good things. Since im in a different time zone then everyone I can be on when most staff isnt on because more then half the time im on staff isnt on (well atleast not vanished staff.) But anyways thank you for reading my application I hope you consider accepted me as a mod. BTW i have learned from my mistakes in the past.
your friend,


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