Mod Application (Trainee)

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Mod Application (Trainee)

Post by saviorsoul » June 30th, 2014, 10:41 pm

My name is Alex game name is saviorsoul, i am 15 in Augest. I've been a member of this server for over a year not counting school study breaks.
I'm familiar with multiple commands and am ready at moments notice to learn more.

I believe I should be a Moderator because I am familiar of how this server works due that i am Aztec rank and understand what is required for promotion. I have never disrespected a moderator, Admin or any other higher official or lower. I have much experience in moderating a server due to schoolmates opening new servers and promoting me to assist and guide new players to official server rule regulations, while keeping an eye at the same time. (However not trained in roll back)

I would be a good Mod because this is the chance for me to show what this server means to me as this is the only server i play now, hence my devotion of time and effort to moderating ban appeals will be endless.

I play usually in the summer from about 11am to 10pm Eastern standard time (No Life) School days are from 4pm to 10pm. My first language is English, i can also speak fluent russian (if needed Google Translate) I can Spend all my time moderating and inspecting build/Grief tickets. If i am occupied with a build i will get back to moderating after an hour of solid work. As recommended by TheClowners post i will resume to You Tubing the required commands. I wont let you down.

Thanks for considering this Mod Application.
(I have Teamspeak)

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Re: Mod Application (Trainee)

Post by Bobetholemew » July 9th, 2014, 10:20 pm

Congratulations! You have been accepted as Trainee-Mod. You will train for the mod position and if we feel you do well enough you will be promoted to Mod, if not you will go back to your original rank.

Again Congrats savior! :D :D


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