US_'s Moderator Application

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US_'s Moderator Application

Post by US_ » April 21st, 2014, 3:22 am

Hi, this is US_, i have been on the server almost since the beginning of ClownerCraft. Today i would hope that you guys vote for me, and that i am elected as Moderator for ClownerCraft.
My Current Rank is: Modern
Country:United States Of America
My story begins when i first joined the server and was introduced to Rysters15(Retired Admin), and all of the Admins and Mods were quite nice to me. I was treated well and i have been treating the last couple of weeks nicely. Everyone has their flaws, and i wish to overcome those in the server of ClownerCraft. And i have worked my way through the player ranks, i am currently a Modern, and am working towards a Long adventure to Future player ran. I to plan on obtaining the player rank sometime in my career on ClownerCraft. And I yet again Thank you for Listening to this and consider me for this position. :D

The Reason i believe that I US_ deserves to be Moderator is because i wish to help the other staff members in getting tickets and different work done on the server. And i woould like to help take a load off the Admin's/Mod's. I see a little of a change in how well staff is running on this server. I also have forgot and forgive for what i have done and for what i have caused. If i may please be elected as Moderator, it would be Greatfully appreciated. I believe that who ever gets elected as mod will be the right choice and that the Staff has made a great choice. Thank you for listening to my reasons and my story.
Maj. T.Miller(US_)


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