Co0kieMon5t3r Mod Application

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Co0kieMon5t3r Mod Application

Post by Co0kiemon5t3r » April 19th, 2014, 10:11 pm

Chris. Co0kieMon5t3r
I would like to become a mod as they are always helpful, and keep the game fun to all. Not only that, but I see myself as an approachable person who is ready to help any and all problems on the server.
This server is good as it is not too large, and everyone is friendly and I wish to support this community and keep it healthy, growing, and fun!
I have moderated a few forums, and I know the technical stuff. I am always friendly and helpful to those willing to be helped, and although I don't have as much actual moderating experience as some others, I will catch on quickly and efficiently.
16, 17 in summer. GMT (london)
2 weeks
In holidays and weekends up to 5 hours, and in weekdays 1 hours and 30 mins
wow that sounded wayyy to formal O.o ah well, i just want to do all i can to keep this server the best i have ever come across :D


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