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Spirit's mod app

Post by Spiritwolf~ » April 19th, 2014, 7:51 pm

Name: Amber (but don't call me that ;n; )

IGN: Spirit_Wolf123

Why I would be a good mod & how: I don't know, I really like this server. Even though I'm not aztec yet I think I'm considerably good at building, I just haven't built a lot recently. I know how most plugins work and I have experience moderating other servers. I know how frustrating it is for players not to listen to you, same with being cussed at because they don't like you. I know the warn/mute/kick/tempban/ban routine. I know being a moderator isn't as easy as a lot of people think (or at least, what I used to think) but I really enjoy the experiences. When I am put in charge I'm neutral, I don't take sides or voice my opinions unless they are needed, and I'm (well, can be) serious, but not too serious. That's not a bad thing; I do know how to have fum. Encouraging conversations and social talk is nice, too. When I do something, I am very focused about it; when I'm building sometimes I forget about chat :c. But let's say the building was a problem. I'd get it over with first, right? right.

What experience I have in moderating a server: I'm only doing current time here, and lets be honest: I do know how to moderate a server. You can't say I don't because I'm currently mod on two servers, both still up and they have an enjin website. If you don't believe me I can prove it.

Age & Time zone: I am 11 years old and my timezone is UTC -5.

Language. I only speak English :/

How long I've played on ClownerCraft: Well, I don't know that. It's almost a year, probably will be a year in a month or two.

How much time I play on the server: I know it isn't a lot of time I spend on the server, but I do get on it a lot. But since I'm a mod on 2 other servers I get on them more, but if I get accepted Ill get on the server about an hour each day, more on weekends.


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