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Turtle_2000 Mod App

Post by Turtle_2000 » April 19th, 2014, 7:00 pm

My name is Buddy. My in-game name is Turtle_2000. I would love to be a mod because of tickets, rank ups, and griefs! I would also help with banning the people who advertise. I would like to help answer the pending tickets that have been waiting. I'm also on almost everyday. I know how to rollback (/co rollback [name] t: r:), I know how to ban and unbar (/ban [name] [reason], /tempban [name] 1second). I would spend about 3/4 of my time moderating. I have some experience moderating a server but not to much. I'm also the captain on both of my baseball teams, so I do have some leadership skills.

I am 13 years old almost 14. My Time zone is EST.
I am rank Aztec.
I speak English and a little bit of Spanish.
I've been on ClownerCraft for about 5 months now and I've loved every moment!

Buddy (Turtle)

P.S. Thank you in advance for considering my Mod Application!


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