magicnows mod appliaction

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magicnows mod appliaction

Post by magicnow » December 29th, 2013, 11:46 pm

My name is magicnow in game but in real life my name in real life my name is Jagger.I am in the northeast time zone I have been mod on many servers I also own 4 servers
they each have over 100 people playing at a time.I would make a great mod because I like fixing things and judgeing builds and I have been playing since Christmas but i have
ranked up twice in 4 days on the server.I am 13 and a half I would like to be a mod because I want to do tickets so less mods would have to do tickets all the time and i play late at night and early in the morning so i can check out tickets at the times that i am on.Clownercraft is the only server i play on.I play on the server any free time a have.[which is about 8 to 12 hours a day]
But on this server i dont have expyerense with the tickets or ranks i do not have them on my server or the servers I am mod on they do not have greifs they claim a area and
build in that area like other players can only pass through but can not break any blocks even if they want to they can not.My first language was english and i do not speak any
other language.I have been to Mexico but did not learn language.


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