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Trainee-Mod App

Post by MINER_4_LIFE » October 2nd, 2013, 8:38 pm

Hi My Name Is Robert People Know Me As MIN3ER_4_LIF3.
I want to become a MOD because i have been on the server for about 5 to 6 mouths now and i want to get more involved in the server and the people that are in it.
I should be a MOD because i am well know on the server i know most people like me,Im a nice guy,have no problems on the server i know alot about being a MOD because i have been a MOD for two servers, (ParadiseMC AND Choicecraft) and every one liked me. I know alot about running servers because i had one at one point but it got to crazy for me to deal with because of school. Im 16 years old and my time zone is eastern stander time.
My first language is English and i can speak most French.
Like I said i have been on the server for about 5 to 6 mouths now.
I have spent a lot of time on the server and planning to spend more if i become a MOD-
in a week i spend about 15-17 hours and being a MOD i would spend about 17-25 hours a week


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