Mod Application For Oct. 2013

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Mod Application For Oct. 2013

Post by leonhogan0203 » October 27th, 2013, 9:30 pm

Mod Application For:leonhogan0203

Dear Reader,
I Would Like To Be A mod For The Following Reasons:
I Enjoy The Server a lot A Feel like trying to give something back.
I Can dedicate a lot of time to the server.
I'm 14 and living in Ireland So I'm on when the servers at its busiest!
I have had a small bit of experience modding a server {But would need help getting used to unfamiliar plug-ins}.
Unfortunately I have a terrible internet connection meaning lag on my part However i am in the process of upgrading.
I don't want mod for the perks just for the ability to give something back to this amazing server.

I really hope you think this into consideration and thank you for reading,
Leon Hogan
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