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Mod application

Post by Snakebite » September 29th, 2013, 5:11 pm

Name and ingame:
Steven. Snake__bite1
I want to have a say in how people are treated nd i wanna help out instead of being a useless player.
Why would i be good
I know how i want to be treated by mods therefore i know how i should treat the players.
How much experience
Uh none but i have to start somewhere right? Clownercrafts the best server i've found yet so i dont see why i shouldnt try.
Age and Time Zone
age:16 Timezone: eastern time
How long have you played
'Not sure but for a few months i believe
How much time do I spend
I play for about 9 hours everyday. longer on weekends. i could spend all of that time moderating if nessecary



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