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Mod Application - Fizzle_bear

Post by fizzle_bear » September 22nd, 2013, 1:26 pm

- Your name & ingame name(s)
- Why you want to be a Mod
- Why you would be a good Mod
- What experience you have in moderating a server.
- Your Age and Time Zone
- Your first language, and any other languages you can speak fluently.
- How long you have played on ClownerCraft
- How much time you spend on the server, and how much of that you can use for Moderating.

My name is Kyle out in the real world. In minecraft however I go by fizzle_bear. At first I didn't really want to become a Mod, but after much thought I talked myself into it. I already help out with as much as I can with anything I can help out with. I am a rather friendly person, I think many of the people of Clownercraft see me that way. I have absolutely no experience moderating a server although I learn quickly. I'm 18 living in Florida (USA) and I go by EST. I only speak English. I have played on the server for about a month or so now, and I spend quite a bit of time on the server, where I believe I would be of good use in that aspect. Hope to see you soon with a lime green [Trainee-mod] next to my name :P

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Re: Mod Application - Fizzle_bear

Post by Mallion666 » September 23rd, 2013, 8:39 pm

Your application has been taken under consideration, and you've been accepted as a Trainee-Mod. Congrats


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