trainee mod application

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trainee mod application

Post by doct77 » September 22nd, 2013, 12:29 pm

my ingame name is Doct77 and my real name is tom davies,

i would be a good mod because i am kind and i have a lot of expereance . i have been mod on a server called Mkraft and i was head mod there.

i can help the server by doing rankups and responding to grief.i will not allow racist or horrible remarks.

i have been on this server for about 2 months now and i love it,i believe that i can help with moderating this brilliant server and helping people with problems.

i hope that this server keeps becoming a success and i will love to see it thrive. and i think i can help you by streaming on twitch or youtube.

yours sincerly

Doct77 (aka tom davies )


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